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uFlexiNET Ethernet and SD Card Module for FlexiHAL

uFlexiNET Ethernet and SD Card Module for FlexiHAL

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This module is designed to be installed on the 40 pin GPIO header of the FlexiHAL CNC controller. It adds a uSD card interface and an Ethernet interface to the platform. This brings compatbility with the SD card and Networking plugins with GRBLHAL. Notably, this allows the use of named files for subroutines, probing routines and automatic toolchanging functions in GRBLHAL. In addition, the module allows the user to connect compatible senders via Websockets (recomended) or Telnet.

Remora and LinuxCNC support via Ethernet is still being tested and the release is not ready to be published. To use Remora with this module, users are responsible for researching and compiling their own components.

For complete documentation on this OSHW design, see this Github repository:

Note that this sale is only for the Ethernet module PCBA, the FlexiHAL is not included. The photo with the module installed on the FlexiHAL is only shown for reference.

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170mm x 135mm x 60mm

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    This board is distributed under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - S. We guarantee that your board will be free from manufacturing defects, but otherwise it is provided 'as is.' Please review the design files and make sure that it meets your needs.

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