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PicoBOB-DLX CNC control module

PicoBOB-DLX CNC control module

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Please note that while the PicoBOB-DLX hardware is tested and fully functional, the software (especially LinuxCNC/Remora) is still under active development.

Standard 5V Parallel port interface for many CNC machines and peripherals.  When combined with Mach3 Breakout Board, has the following features:

  • 5 axes of step/direction control
  • 10A Spindle Relay
  • 0-10V Analog spindle speed control
  • 5 opto-coupled inputs
  • One 24V output 

The PicoBOB DLX can also be used with the Gecko G540 multi-axis step drive and supports all of the I/O on that device.

Host communication is via Ethernet or USBC connectors.

When combined with the Remora RP2040-W5500 component, the PicoBOB DLX can be used as an ethernet attached step generator with LinuxCNC.  For details, the Expatria development branch is located in this repository:

The default GRBLHAL builds for the PicoBOB DLX include the following features that are implemented in the RP2040 port of GRBLHAL:

  • Backlash Compensation.
  • Stress-free Auto-squaring for the ganged axis
  • Ganged axis offsets to correct for offset homing switches
  • Step rates tested up to 180 KHz on 5 simultaneous axes.

For details, the Expatria development branch of the GRBLHAL RP2040 driver is located in this repository:

For complete documentation on this OSHW design, see this Github repository:

Note that neither the Mach3 breakout or G540 are included, the photos are only for illustrative purposes to show how the PicoBOB-DLX can be used.

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170mm x 135mm x 60mm

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  • Open Source Hardware

    This board is distributed under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - S. We guarantee that your board will be free from manufacturing defects, but otherwise it is provided 'as is.' Please review the design files and make sure that it meets your needs.

    Support is provided primarily through our Discord Server: