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FlexiHAL Isolated CNC Controller for GRBLHAL and LinuxCNC

FlexiHAL Isolated CNC Controller for GRBLHAL and LinuxCNC

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This board is everything you need to build a high functioning CNC machine.

The key features of the Flexi-HAL:

  1. 5 Axis of isolated step/direction motor control featuring high-speed digital isolators and differential signal drivers for maximum signal integrity and step rates.
  2. Integrated support for 3 wire inductive type powered switches.
  3. Onboard 5V power regulator.
  4. Integrated RS485 with automatic direction control.
  5. Support for closed loop stepper motors and servos with alarm feedback.
  6. Differential interface for a spindle encoder input that can be utilized by GRBLHAL and LinuxCNC.
  7. Real-time control port for remote handwheels and pendants.
  8. Raspberry Pi GPIO connector allows integration of sender software and allows the board to host a full LinuxCNC installation.
  9. 10V or 5V spindle control including PWM output via selectable jumpers.
  10. 3 wire (powered) connections for standard CNC buttons on a breakout RJ45 connector that utilizes components compatible with the PrintNC EST project.
  11. XYZA limit switches and probe/toolsetter on breakout RJ45 connector.
  12. Flood/Mist/Spindle relay drivers.
  13. Additional auxilliary inputs and relay driver outputs.

    For complete documentation on this OSHW design, see this Github repository:

Please note that your board will be shipped with a GRBLHAL 3 axis XYYZ configuration as this is the most common configuration.  You can change the axis configuration at any time without restriction by flashing a new firmware image.

Your board will come with plug terminals for all of the green terminal blocks.

Optional breakout PCBAs for the RJ45 connectors are available separately.  The breakouts were developed with community feedback as part of the PrintNC Electronics Standardization Team project.  These are not required to use any feature of the Flexi-HAL but can make wiring the machine easier:

Group buy discount if you purchase a minimum of 5 boards.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping will be calcuated at checkout. Products are warranted for defects in manufacturing. As per OSHW license, no warranty of fitness for purpose is expressed or implied.


170mm x 135mm x 60mm

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  • Open Source Hardware

    This board is distributed under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - S. We guarantee that your board will be free from manufacturing defects, but otherwise it is provided 'as is.' Please review the design files and make sure that it meets your needs.

    Support is provided primarily through our Discord Server: