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Expatria Technologies

Jog2K Slim Keypad Pendant PCBA

Jog2K Slim Keypad Pendant PCBA

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Expatria Technologies jog controller for GRBLHAL2000 and Flexi-HAL boards

This jog controller was developed for the GRLBHAL20000 and Flexi-HAL boards. It is designed to be relatively inexpensive and simple to assemble. It needs minimal manual wiring and leverages 3d printable parts for assembly. The system consists of a small interface module that is installed on the QWIIC/I2C headers on the controller board, plus a simple lighted button keypad that uses a Raspberry Pi Pico to send character commands to GRBLHAL and receive status information.

The key features of the Jog2K:

  1. Immediate access to GRBLHAL jogging functionality and real-time commands
  2. DRO with selectable WCS
  3. Alternate button function macros

This sale is for a fully assembled Jog2K PCBA revision A6 - Slim edition.  This PCBA is fully assembled including an RP2040 MCU.  The unit is programmed and tested to ensure functionality.  A 1.3 inch OLED is recommended, but a 0.96 inch screen makes for an easier build with the basic enclosure.  No screen is included with this sale.  Installation and assembly of the unit is detailed on Github and on the PrintNC Discord and is the sole responsibility of the end user.  The 1.3 inch screen requires manual soldering of either a connector or individual wire leads, but the upgrade over the original 0.96 inch screen is highly recommended.

This sale includes a tested and known good USBC cable with your board.

Please note that the photo of the assembled Jog2K is for reference.  This sale only includes the white PCBA, and USBC cable.

For complete documentation on this OSHW design, see this Github repository:

Please note that the 1.3 inch screen requires the updated Deluxe enclosure and assembly:

Also more info on the PrintNC Wiki:

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Shipping will be calcuated at checkout. Products are warranted for defects in manufacturing. As per OSHW license, no warranty of fitness for purpose is expressed or implied.


170mm x 135mm x 60mm

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  • Open Source Hardware

    This board is distributed under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - S. We guarantee that your board will be free from manufacturing defects, but otherwise it is provided 'as is.' Please review the design files and make sure that it meets your needs.

    Support is provided primarily through our Discord Server: